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Future Effects

Our Team

Our team consist of a large group of Special Effects professionals with many years in the industry. They are hand picked and coached to ensure they support your production in its deadlines, quality and reliability.

We integrate seamlessly with your production team to ensure the shoot runs smoothly and the flexibility to fit around tight schedules and ever-changing circumstances.

The scope of our experience includes a vast array of special effects. These can be used in isolation or combined to help you achieve the desired footage.


Ben Ashmore CEO / Founder

Over 20 years of experience in the on-site effects business. Following many years working as an SFX supervisor on some major TV and film’s productions a number of clients encouraged Ben to set up his own company. Ben eventually did this and Future Effects was launched in early 2010
We are extremely proud that customers from those early days are still with us today relying on Bens knowledge of TV, and film special effects, being safe in his capable hands.
With years working for major streaming providers, soaps, documentaries, and commercials.

Mark Wynne-Pedder

Ex-military police with over 20 years of experience of working in TV and Film special effects.
Following a passion for fireworks at an early age and using his knowledge gained in the forces Mark initially worked on many firework displays as a qualified pyrotechnician both in the UK and abroad.  Mark became a full-time Special Effects Technician in 2008 and is still passionate about the work today working as a trained Special Effects Floor Supervisor.
ADR licensed to transport up to 20 tones of Class 1 explosives, BPA level 1 and 2 qualified as well as BSP accredited.