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Our team consist of a large group of Special Effects professionals with many years in the industry. They are hand picked and coached to ensure they support your production in its deadlines, quality and reliability.

We integrate seamlessly with your production team to ensure the shoot runs smoothly and the flexibility to fit around tight schedules and ever-changing circumstances.

The scope of our experience includes a vast array of special effects. These can be used in isolation or combined to help you achieve the desired footage.

Our work has extended through the majority of the UK, including all major Network channels. These include BBC, Channel 4, ITV, Netflix.

We work with Major US, UK and Asian film production teams on set both within the UK and internationally.

Years of experience
In The Industry

Future Effects combines years of industry experience with new technology to provide exciting and innovative special effects to the TV &. Film Industry. Creating the very best in live special effects safely and reliably whilst ensuring to bring your creative vision to life on camera.  

Our dedicated team of special effects professionals are trained in close proximity SFX, wearable effects and large outdoor pyrotechnics and explosions alongside creating bespoke solutions to creative ideas. 

Our years of experience will save you time finding a solution to a design idea and our team will bring it to life in the most realistic way possible, whether it’s knowing the size of fogger you need for a field or creating a custom rain rig for an moving outdoor shot. 


TV & Film Special Effects Services

What can Future Effects do for you?

Our SFX team will take all of the hassle out of having special effects on site. We provide full risk assessments, health and safety management and the best pyrotechnicians to all of our jobs ensuring everything is safe before starting any work. Having worked with some of the largest production companies in both studio environments to listed buildings we have the experience to ensure everything runs smoothly on the day. 

Having a dynamic team with many different areas of expertise we can adapt to any requirements and make suggestions to achieve the effect you are looking to create ensuring its accurate, cost effective and safe.

No request is too large or small whether you need a bin on fire or full scale car explosion our team has the equipment to produce the required effect.

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Want to see our previous work and what we can do for you? Check out our portfolio below showcasing some of the recent work and effects we’ve provided to the UK TV & Film Industry. 

Our portfolio can be broken down into effect for inspiration or show if you want to take a behind the scenes peek at our work.